It’s time for Adira

Adira Afrika is the new gospel sensation who has just released her single Arise featuring internationally acclaimed Apostle Dr. Pearl Kupe from her debut album Wells of Worship.


Born Audrey Anthea Fisher, the songstress grew up in Eldorado Park – Johannesburg, and was raised by her parents Selby and Catherine Fisher alongside her two siblings Gerald and Leazel Fisher.


Like most musicians, her love for music dates back to her childhood influenced by her father who’d frequently play the sound of R&B and Gospel music and she enjoyed singing along discovering that she can actually sing. She participated in a school choir during her primary schooling days. It was during rehearsals for a church youth event when she realized that her singing had something extra when she had the room in silent and receiving positive response from her singing.

Adira continued sharpening her talents as she sang in various choirs and the church Psalmedy Team, here, that’s were she discovered her love for praise and worship music and loved leading God’s people into His Presence. She then expanded her singing career and ventured into song writing, obviously wanting to write for other artists thus sharing her God given talent.

In 2008/09 one of her Bishops spoke over her life and declared that she’ll release her own music. However, life was not all so rosy, Adira struggled with low self-esteem she states that this was her biggest hindrance amongst other things and because of this, her career was delayed. Fast-forward to 2016 she started working on her debut album Wells of Worship and released her first single, February 2017.

Speaking about her new single, Arise, which is anointed and powerful – “I am proud of my single. It is the start of a dream come true. A testimony that God is faithful and He doesn’t lie.” The single envelops a unique style of African worship and has been doing well in various radio stations, Rainbow FM and Ikwekwezi FM. You can catch the video on Youtube and download it on iTunes and Google Play.


The singer’s intentions are to lift Africa’s worship music to greater heights and contribute positively towards gospel music in Africa and the rest of the world. She is inspired by various artists the likes of Ntokozo Mbambo, Neville D, Keke Phofolo, the late Sifiso Ncwane to mention a few, “my dream is to join this army of worshippers in Africa in lifting the name of Jesus high and letting the world smell the fragrance of our African worship” she continues to say “I strongly believe that it is time for Africa to arise and the world to sit up and drink from our African Wells of Worship to our Lord Jesus”

It is time for Africa to Arise!!!


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